While there is still some disagreement about the rate and impact of climate change, there is a broad scientific consensus that climate change is being induced through manmade greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

World demand for energy is increasing, the carbon emissions from fossil fuels burnt to fuel this consumption play significant part in this. The most cost effective contribution you can make is to reduce your energy use and ensure that you use energy competently. It is clear that renewable energy offers a low carbon substitute to meet our energy needs that reduces the impact on the global climate and secure a cost effective reliable source of energy.

Renewables East is here to drive forward the agenda of a full range of low carbon energy solutions into the East of England economy, whilst ensuring the region exploits the best economic benefit and delivers jobs in an emerging and exciting global market.

Within our website you will find information on how we can assist your business or organisation to take advantage of the opportunities this exciting and dynamic industry can offer.